LEAN Qualification with recognized certificate

CLDP – Certified LEAN Development Program

«„All we do is focus on lead time, starting the moment we receive the customer order all the way until we receive the payment. We shorten the lead time by eliminating/reducing every part of the process chain that is not value added!“»

(Taiichi Ohno, CEO Toyota, 1998)

This does sound simple and plausible at first, but often seems hard to put in practice. Which is why we have designed a comprehensive training program consisting of three modules, building up on each other:

  • LEAN Junior

  • LEAN Expert

  • LEAN Master

Additionally to seminars on specific topics and methods, the attendees are taught to think in brought terms and to see and consider interdependencies. These qualification modules enable executives and employees to independently implement, improve and maintain the methods of LEAN within their company.

Target Group:

Owners, managers, executives, employees, process managers, internal consultants


  • LEAN Junior:

    • Vision, targets and policy deployment
    • Value added orientation / 8 kinds of waste
    • Basic order and transparency
    • Standardization
    • Value stream analysis / value stream design
    • Moderation

  • LEAN Expert:

    • Builds on LEAN Junior
    • Process synchronization (practical simulation, customer takt time, flow, pull)
    • Stabilization of production facilities (elimination of acute and imminent problems, autonomous maintenance (TPM), changeover time reduction, parameter optimization (DoE))
    • Stabilization of quality (systematic problem solving (PDCA), fault prevention (Poka Yoke), zero defect strategy (Sig-Sigma))

  • LEAN Master:

    • Builds on LEAN Expert
    • People, Leadership, Processes (corporate culture, cultural change, change management, industry 4.0)
    • Shopfloor management (organizational structure, on-site management using key performance indicators, qualification matrix)
    • Planning and managing an actual LEAN-Project

Our CLDP-Modules are certified by the technical university Mittelhessen (THM). Every participant can receive a certificate after successfully passing an exam at the end of each module.

The practical training is usually conducted at partner companies but is available as an in-house option at your company as well.

You have any questions, particular requests or would like to book one of the modules? Please contact us:

CLDP - certified Lean Qualification - Consultation