Interim Management

Qualified filling of vacant leadership positions

We offer qualified personal to temporarily fill leadership positions of your company. Our aim is to use our expertise in LEAN, shopfloor management and especially leadership to fill your vacant positions and maintain the day-to-day business. Using the tools of shopfloor management the interim manager will continue or enhance the culture of confirmation of your company.

Interim managers are often used in times of crises as a temporary replacement for an executive or to restructure, reorganize and improve a business unit. Therefore, interim managers are often seen as the “fire brigade” of the corporate management that often does unpopular duties which can also be discontinuation of operation or liquidation of a business. Recently interim managers are more and more used within the scope of specific projects that otherwise would exceed the capacity or competences of the company.

In difficult times as well as for challenging tasks that require external expertise for more than just a few consultant-days interim management is the optimum support for your management team. Additionally demographic change makes it more and more difficult to find adequate personal, even for management positions.

Interim Management Consultation