Executive Coaching

A successful LEAN-Project depends on different factors, one of which is good leadership. To improve leadership skills and dealing with everyday challenges, we offer an individual executive coaching on-site.

The mentee is coached on the job, among others, to understand and make use of the principle of self- and interpersonal perception (perception by oneself, other employees, executives and the mentor).

Mentor-Mentee Principle

The term mentor describes the coach, who leads and enables the mentee to find solutions, by asking questions. This form of active and individual coaching allows for an efficient knowledge transfer of company- and job specific skills and helps the mentee to improve their leadership skills.

Benefits and advantages for the mentee

  • Individual and tailor-made coaching

  • Benefit from the experience and knowledge of our LEAN experts

  • Confidentially acting and experienced partner at your side (e.g. sparring partner)

  • Develop your own individual way of leadership and responsibility and recognize your strengths and weaknesses

A weekly report showing strengths, weaknesses and perspectives of the mentee provides transparency and sustainability for everyone involved.


Our approach has proven its worth in practice over many years. The mentor will by on-site for a maximum of three days a week, to provide enough time and space for the mentee to practice and solidify everything learned. The mentor also may assign tasks for days without mentoring.

The coaching is conducted at your company.

Coaching Consultation