Training / coaching

As a (Japanese) manager […] once said a few years ago: "The competitors I'm most afraid of are the Germans if they ever learn how to talk to each other."

(from: "Lean Thinking", Womack and Jones)

Change means uncertainty - at first!

To successfully initiate and ultimately permanently implement change in your company, you need: communication, communication, and more communication! We are always dealing with an array of success components that are vital for change. You've already learned about some of them: goals and visions, planning and implementation of activities and actions. Also immensely important are training and communication.

Your workforce must understand what lean management means in your company. If they don't, uncertainty creeps in which is wholly unnecessary and presents a great risk to the success of implementation.

How do we combat this uncertainty?

First we determine with top management which management levels will be trained to what depth of information. We also consider other media which can help publicize the changes such as staff newsletters or papers, intranet, fixed discussion rounds or circular emails.

The previously defined participants attend talks where they get to know the basic concepts and principles of lean management. But it doesn't stop at merely passive learning. After the talks, exercises based on simulations give the participants practical experience of what they have just learned. Nothing sticks in the mind better than what a person has seen with his own eyes and done with his own hands!

Training, Qualification and Seminars

We offer various possibilities to gain more knowledge in the field of LEAN management. You can choose from a wide range of qualifications to improve your knowledge about specific LEAN methods, optionally with a recognized certificate for the successful completion. We also offer day seminars on selected topics on request. And to cover the everyday challenges, we offer individual executive coaching.

We warmly invite you to discover our comprehensive training and coaching opportunities.