Case Studies

VSA / VSD - Value Stream Analysis / Value Stream Design

Type of Industry:

Aviation Industry Supplier



Duration (total / actual consulting days):

1 Month / 5 Days

Company Targets:

Enhancing transparency regarding the operational structure; improving knowledge transfer from theory to implementation; identification of bottlenecks


Direct knowledge transfer on site; vision development; development and implementation of a master plan in three steps; reduction of waste and work in process; lead time reduction

Status quo (outlined):

  • Processes from supplier to customer in general are not transparent.
  • Unnecessarily many handling steps between and within processes lead to large inventory’s between processes.
  • Process responsibilities are undefined; no stable production; inefficient communication (top to bottom)

Actions planned by the company:

Appointment of a project leader, to act as a matrix interface, to eliminate the communication deficiency.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

Three week activity to perform a value stream analysis and develop a target value stream design including a roadmap (policy deployment) to support the implementation process.


  • Conduction of value stream analysis
  • Identification of wastes and bottlenecks
  • Definition of fields of action and there corresponding solution approach including value stream designs
  • Development and finalization of the final value stream designs
  • Development of the policy deployment using a Road-Map including the assignment of responsibilities


Thanks to the value stream analysis reasons for excessive lead time became obvious and adequate measures could be taken.

Enhanced transparency within and between different departments and increased understanding of processes and the meaning of lead time was achieved.

Clearly defined responsibilities in combination with other measures led to a lead time of 5 days instead of 21 days beforehand.

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