Case Studies

TPM - Total Productive Maintenance

Type of Industry:




Duration (total / actual consulting days):

10 Months / 220 Consultant Days

Company Targets:

OEE increase by 10%; knowledge transfer from theory to implementation and everyday use; development of a top down reporting


Average OEE increase by 14%; more than 22 machines optimized; over 200 employees trained; conduction of 134 coachings; training of 3 TPM trainers; implementation of a TPM reporting from the inside out

Status quo (outlined):

  • The company has already made two attempts to implement TPM.
  • Both attempts failed, because of the inconsistent implementation and the insufficient persistence of the leaders. Essential parts of TPM have been implemented incorrectly.
  • Averseness of employees to TPM due to previous experiences.
  • General averseness to change projects, since in the past they generally led to a reduction of personnel.

Actions planned by the company:

Selected personnel should be trained externally and then share their knowledge within the company.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

Workshops with the responsible employees on site. This allows to bring different divisions together and improve inter-divisional knowledge transfer and understanding (e.g. between maintenance and production personnel). Employees can transfer the newly acquired knowledge directly into their daily practice. This improves acceptance regarding change.


  • Potential assessment to find out, which area (cost center) should be dealt with first.
  • Developing a project plan including workshops, coachings and steering committee meetings.
  • Definition of TPM standards and development of a reporting from the inside out (from the workshop to the management).
  • Perform workshops (5 days on site)
  • Implementation of all 5 TPM pillars within a pilot project
  • Handling of all open tasks on the TPM Board
  • Implementation of periodic TPM Audits to provide a continues and consistent TPM


Sustained high acceptance of TPM measures by the employees.

The consistent maintenance strategy including systematically stocked replacement parts led to a significant increase of the OEE.

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