Case Studies

Plant Layout Planning

Type of Industry:

Wind turbine components, renewable energy



Duration (total / actual consulting days):

6 Weeks / 5 Days

Company Targets:

Establishment of a new production plant located in Asia


Layout planning and realization

Status quo (outlined):

  • The company intends to strengthen its market position within the Asian sector by establishing a production plant in Asia.
  • Factory building and equipment are already rented/ordered.

Actions planned by the company:

Planning and realization of a flow oriented production plant; strict separation of value-adding and non-value-adding activities.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

Initially, baseline data need to be determined and targets need to be specified. The layout planning is conducted primarily in Germany, using the know-how and experience of employees and leaders of a similar production plant. Existing value streams are analyzed to derive and develop several options of target value stream designs.

To provide a quantifiable decision basis for the management, the different designs and options are discussed and systematically assessed using the competence of employees at various levels (foremen to management).

After the management has made its decision, a target state is developed. Finally, SYNCRO will assist in the detailed project planning. Project management, however, will be performed by the company itself.


  • Layout planning in Germany.
  • Development of several value stream designs and realization options.
  • Structured and detailed assessment of all options using the company’s know-how → basis for decision-making
  • Detailed development of the target-state and project planning.


Implementable layout

Production start at the new plant

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Thomas Schneider



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