Case Studies

PDCA / Deming Circle - Systematic Problem Solving

Type of Industry:

Production of large-scale lifting units



Duration (total / actual consulting days):

7 Months / 22 Days

Company Targets:

Optimization of internal processes within the commercial department (order acceptance, purchase department, work preparation)


Reduction of defects and rework; increase of delivery performance from originally 50% to 97%; 100% delivery reliability

Status quo (outlined):

  • Very pronounced department thinking. Each department focuses on their own issues, optimizing their own department, not thinking of the whole process

Actions planned by the company:

Interdivisional meetings and workshops to improve communication and cooperation between departments in general. Meetings will be scheduled on demand, not periodically.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

Building on the generally right measures initiated by the company, the interdivisional collaboration is improved systematically by consequently implementing PDCA Logic (Deming Circle).


  • Interdisciplinary training of multipliers in systematic problem solving following PDCA logic (Deming Circle)
  • Implementation of defect collection logs (Plan)
  • Identification of TOP-defects by categorization and Pareto Analysis (Plan)
  • Creation of Cause-and-Effect Diagrams (Ishikawa), to find the actual roots of the problems identified before (Plan)
  • Creation of an interdivisional action plan, which has to be followed precisely (Do)
  • Scheduled weekly meetings of the multipliers (Do)
  • Support and coaching of the project managers by SYNCRO EXPERTS
  • Periodically checking of the measures effectiveness, corrective actions wherever needed (Check)
  • Documentation and standardization of the newly developed processes (Act)


Delivery performance of 97%

Reduction of defects and rework by 80% (according to defect collection logs)

Well-developed interdivisional collaboration and understanding

Significantly improved working environment

Your Contact:

Thomas Schneider



+49 172 69 57 771