Case Studies

Organizational Structure

Type of Industry:

Metalworking Industry, Custom-Made and Series Production



Duration (total / actual consulting days):

4 Days / 2 Days

Company Targets:

Reorganization of work preparation and production planning; lead time reduction of administration processes; prevention of miscommunication


Process/Order allocation within work preparation and production planning processes

Status quo (outlined):

  • The company has grown from a small handicraft business, still utilizing the poorly defined small-business structures.
  • An appropriate organizational structure, processes and process owners are not defined.
  • The very basic ERP system does not fulfill the company’s requirements, contains partially inconsistent and incomplete data and is therefore partially replaced by several, locally saved excel sheets.
  • Certain data is held at different locations in different formats, thus getting more and more inconsistent.
  • Errors in technical planning and an unreliable delivery performance are just some consequences of the missing organizational structure.

Actions planned by the company:

Implementation of a new ERP system to replace the old ERP system and all the work-arounds and Excel sheets associated with it.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

Development of an organizational structure appropriate for the company’s size; Allocation of process owners to processes → Creation of an operational structure


  • Value Stream Mapping of the administration process: production planning and control
  • Development of the target Value Stream Design.
  • Detailed definition of all processes, including the respective process owners and their areas of responsibility.


Roadmap, describing the implementation of the new organizational structure

Expected changes/improvements based on the Value Stream Design (VSD):
- Reduction of administrative lead time (custom-made products): 11 working days → 2,5 working days
- Reduction of administrative lead time (series products): 4 working days → 0,5 working days

Your Contact:

Thomas Schneider



+49 172 69 57 771