Case Studies

Lead Time Reduction

Type of Industry:




Duration (total / actual consulting days):

6 Months / 23 Days

Company Targets:

Improvement of delivery performance; cost reduction


Reduction of lead time from 116 days (average) to 2 days; 100% delivery performance

Status quo (outlined):

  • Product: electric power switch
  • Production consists of five working steps
  • The lead time from start of production to shipment is 116 days (average); actual time for assembly is 174 seconds (value-adding time)

Actions planned by the company:

Investment in new equipment to reduce the actual production time of 174 seconds even further.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

Elimination/Reduction of non-value adding steps (waste) within the process; no investment in technical equipment; reduction of lead time in total.


  • Recording every single process step
  • Recording of all process related activities including their respective time segments
  • Conduction of a value stream analysis (VSA)
  • Identification of wastes and bottlenecks based on the VSA and other sources
  • Development of the target value stream design (VSD)
  • Development of a masterplan for implementing the new value stream design
  • Implementation of the value stream design according to the masterplan
  • Checking the measures’ effectiveness
  • Updating SOP´s (standard operation procedures)
  • Go live


Lead time from start of production to shipment: 2 days (instead of 116 days)

Reliability of delivery performance significantly improved (100%)

Development of new customers due to short delivery times and high delivery performance compared to other competitors.

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