Case Studies


Type of Industry:

Heavy Metal Industry



Duration (total / actual consulting days):

2 Months / 42 Days

Company Targets:

Reduction of missing parts; increase of production output; reduction of deployed resources; improved flexibility


Only the actually required resources are delivered to the production; reduced inventories; reduced setup times; employees assume more responsibility (as a result of the implementation of Kanban Boards); transparent material flow

Status quo (outlined):

  • No transparency between different product areas
  • Poor delivery performance (adherence to the planned delivery date)
  • Steadily decreasing product quality; the hectic production leads to rework and rejects
  • High inventory levels between process steps
  • Non-synchronized production

Actions planned by the company:

Purchase of additional machinery to increase flexibility and to meet the required production output.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

First, a micro VSA (Value Stream Analysis) is mapped. Based on the micro VSA, an optimized VSD (Value Stream Design) is developed. The value stream shows where and in which way communication is required and which processes need to be changed. Involved employees are trained in the basics of Kanban. Furthermore, an ABC-XYZ-Analysis is carried out, to determine, which parts are suitable to be controlled by Kanban.

Finally, the Kanban parameters are calculated and the Kanban system is implemented. Required standards are established and employees are trained accordingly.


  • Conduction of Value Stream Analysis
  • Identification of wastes and bottlenecks
  • Definition of fields of action and their solution approach including diverse drafts of Value Stream Designs
  • Definition of the target Value Stream Designs
  • Development of the policy deployment, creating a Road Map and determining responsibilities
  • Conduction of an ABC-XYZ Analysis
  • Determination of all Kanban-suitable parts and calculation of the related parameters
  • Development of guidelines and standards
  • Conduction of trainings and coachings


Reduction of inventories by 33%

Reduction of setup times by 60%, as a result of setup workshops

Increased responsibility of employees let to an improved employee motivation

Establishment of an escalation plan and capacity/utilization planning for the production

Implementation of a Kanban-Manager

Significantly increased flexibility of the production by improved transparency, using production- and transport Kanban

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