Case Studies

Customer Takt Time / Line Balancing

Type of Industry:

Steelwork, Heavy Machinery Manufacturing



Duration (total / actual consulting days):

12 Months / 50 Days

Company Targets:

Takt time oriented production; reduction of inventories


Knowledge of customer takt time; production organized according customer takt time; significantly reduced inventories (1 piece)

Status quo (outlined):

  • Product: Steel components with highly variable work contents
  • Push controlled production
  • The steel components are of a longitudinal shape and generally have large dimensions and a high weight. Handling of the parts is difficult and requires cranes.
  • Process steps and related machinery are not synchronized regarding takt time.

Actions planned by the company:

Flow oriented layout including all necessary investments.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

Clustering of the different products/components; set up of additional, separated assembly lines to allow products to overtake others (being aware, that this reduces the capacity utilization of certain processes).


  • Establishment of a reliable communication level, especially including the sales department and the production control
  • Support of company internal communication by SYNCRO EXPERTS
  • Implementation of a point based system to easily assess the requirements of a product regarding the production process
  • Practical and effective reduction of product variance
  • Levelling and sequencing of the production, including a frozen zone


Significant reduction in lead time of complex and especially less complex parts.

Less complex products overtake more complex ones via separate production lines.

No more blockage of the entire production by highly complex or problematic products.

Levelling and sequencing leads to a constant demand of resources and a smooth and flowing production.

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