Case Studies


Type of Industry:

Service sector


SME (car dealership)

Duration (total / actual consulting days):

1 Week / 1 Day

Company Targets:

Visual improvement of service reception; reduction of search times; lead time reduction of customer care; prevention of waiting lines


Reduction of customer talk time to an average of less than two minutes; improved customer satisfaction

Status quo (outlined):

  • Workshop, service reception
  • Customers drop off vehicle keys → verification of appointment and manual entry into calendar → clarification of customer request → car pick-up
  • Duration: Five minutes or more
  • Reception desk is cluttered with documents, paper, food and drinks

Actions planned by the company:

Purchase of bigger desks and increase staff by one part-time employee.

Master plan by SYNCRO EXPERTS:

Planning and conducting of 5S measures; reception desks are only to be used for customer issues; implementation of an electronic calendar accessible for all employees


  • Planning of 5S measures, involving the employees throughout the entire 5S process
  • Target definition and detailed description
  • Sorting out unnecessary, old, superfluous and redundant items
  • Arranging things according to a defined system, previously agreed on, thereby allowing short access times.
  • Workplaces are kept clean throughout the working day.
  • Defined standards (including pictures) are available to everyone and can be reviewed anytime.
  • Compliance with standards is checked by supervisors daily.


Customer talk time reduced to an average of less than two minutes.

Increased customer satisfaction at almost 100% (according customer survey).

New customer figures increased (+12%).

Your Contact:

Thomas Schneider



+49 172 69 57 771