The German federal association of small and medium-sized businesses (BVMW) is Germany’s largest voluntarily organized and sector-neutral organization of German small and medium-sized enterprises. More than 50,000 SMEs are organized directly within the BVMW as well as 500,000 further SMEs through one of the 40 BVMW-member-associations.

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„Eliminating waste“, one of the main principles of lean management. Whereas lean originally distinguished between 7 types of waste, nowadays 8 types of waste are known. The 8th waste being “Underutilized human potential”.

But what is your company doing to make maximum use of human potential?

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A few weeks ago, the Friederikenstift foundation in Hanover contracted us to introduce lean processes in their hospital, in cooperation with an internal steering committee. Ahead of the process analysis phase, we conducted introductory talks on the subject as well as training sessions for the steering committee and managers. Here you can read the article the steering committee wrote for the...

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How close curse and blessing of modern technology can lie together is show in this example. A state-of-the-art hybrid laser welding system improves quality and cycle time significantly but is simply too fast for the downstream processes.

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DoE/statistical test planning for plant optimisation.

If you want to optimise the settings of your machinery, plant or equipment or find the optimal setting of the variables at reduced effort, we can help with statistical test planning or DoE - Design of Experiments methods. 

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