What are the real challenges organizations are facing today?

Organizations are constantly striving to optimise their processes. Perfect processes mean short lead times, leading to lower capital investment in materials, higher customer satisfaction and loyality, and increased sales.


Only time is money!

Many organizations primarily focus on money rather than time. However, money is an outcome, a result, but not a value we can change. Getting things done as soon as possible is the important point. Ultimately, faster processes will always lead to positive financial results.


So, what should you focus on? And what should you NOT focus on?

THE KEY IS to know the value of your product from the customer's perspective. Because ultimately, it is the customer who decides what the value of the product is by accepting or not accepting the price announced. Customers will pay for added value only. They would not be willing to pay for unnecessary steps if they knew about them. So you should identify unnecessary operations and eliminate or at least reduce them. It DOES NOT MATTER what industry you're in. Resources are wasted in manufacturing companies and in service companies, in production processes and in purely administrative processes or service operations. PEOPLE AND PROCESSES These two belong together. There are no processes without people. And processes always impact people in various ways.


So, how do we improve them?

This is where we come in. Together with the people in the organisation, we REVIEW and EVALUATE the processes in place, we IDENTIFY possible improvements and then we IMPLEMENT them as soon as possible.


The SYNCRO approach

Applying and internally linking the universally accepted principles of lean management (tact, flow, pull and stabilisation), waste is largely eliminated and processes are synchronised, making the organisation truly LEAN.


Getting started

Read on to find out more about our mission to transform businesses into lean organizations. Take a look at anonymised real-life examples that impressively demonstrate the positive changes achieved. And get in touch with us — we're looking forward to improving your processes!